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Slip and fall incidents are nothing to laugh at. They can result in broken bones, head injuries, and even internal injuries. That’s why, no matter where the fall occurred, it’s essential to get medical attention immediately.

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I’ve just suffered a slip and fall injury. What do I do next?

After seeking medical attention, you need to report the incident in writing to the proper authorities in the establishment in which you fell. Be sure to keep accurate records of all the evidence related to your fall.

Never speak with the establishment’s insurance company or sign a release until you’ve consulted an attorney.

Injuries from slips and falls often have long-lasting effects. They can last years after the initial injury occurred.

If you’ve suffered a slip and fall injury, our experienced personal injury attorneys will guide you through the process of obtaining just compensation for your injuries. Book your appointment today.

What Happens Next?

On your first appointment with your personal injury attorney, bring all the records, medical and otherwise, you have that document your injuries and treatment. Your lawyer will help you gather more evidence and witness accounts, deal with the responsible party’s insurance company, and begin the process of filing a lawsuit to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Usually, your lawyer will advise you on the steps you can take to boost your chances of getting a fair settlement. Don’t wait to start the process – there is usually a statute of limitations that governs when you can file. Contact our experienced personal injury team today.

Will my slip and fall case settle or go to trial?

Even though many slip and fall cases settle out of court, it’s essential that you retain the services of an experienced trial attorney to represent you. A skilled lawyer with years of courtroom experience knows exactly what questions to ask to get to the truth, even when the other party is a large corporation or insurance company.

Our battle-tested personal injury attorneys have that experience and will represent you aggressively to ensure you have the best chance to receive full compensation for your injuries. Book a consultation with one of our attorneys today.