At the Stolarz Law Firm, we fight to get you the wages you worked so hard for.

Whether it’s a failure to pay you overtime, reimburse you for expenses, provide paid leave or benefits, or if it’s a shorted paycheck, our employment lawyers can fight back to get you the money or benefits you’ve earned.

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Has your employer failed to pay you the wages you’ve earned?

Your first move is to bring the shortage to your employer’s attention if it was an unintentional error. However, if your employer won’t budge, you have a right to pursue the amount you should have earned with one of our experienced employment law attorneys.

If your employer has shorted you, it’s time for you to fight back. Contact our office to find out how.

What Can I Do in the Meantime?

You need to keep a record of all the hours you worked during the disputed period. Also, record all the expenses you incur because your paycheck was late. For instance, if you missed a credit card payment because you didn’t have the cash on hand to pay it, document any fees that the credit card company charged you. Armed with that evidence, your attorney will pursue every legal angle to help you get the back payment you deserve and recoup the expenses you incurred.

What if My Employer Refuses to Pay the Minimum Wage?

Employers must pay you at least the federal minimum wage. If your state’s minimum wage is higher than the federal one, they must pay you at the higher rate. Many employers try to take advantage of lower-wage workers, especially new immigrants that might not know their rights.

You do have rights – no matter what your status. Don’t fear retribution from your employer. We’ll make them pay. If we find that the violation was willful, we will help you take your case to the proper law enforcement authorities to make sure your employer pays the full penalty of the law.