At the Stolarz Law Firm, we pursue justice for victims of medical malpractice or negligence.

You trusted a healthcare provider with your life and now, as a result of that care suffered injuries that will stay with you forever. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or the loss of quality of life, you deserve justice.

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Handling medical malpractice cases with skill and compassion

You need a medical malpractice attorney that has the compassion to listen to your story and the expertise to construct a case that will compensate you for your injuries. With experience delivering positive outcomes for our malpractice clients and empathy for your situation, we’ll stay on your side for as long as it takes to achieve justice.

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Digging down into the data to find the truth

Providers and hospitals alike all too often are reluctant to admit their fault. With the firm’s experience in medical malpractice, we know exactly what to look for.

Our knowledge of medical protocols and the law gives us the edge in finding answers no matter how deep they are buried in the medical records. We conduct painstaking research into the medical records and published medical literature to determine exactly what happened. Then we build a medical malpractice case that will bring all of the crucial facts out into the light.

We’ll support you all the way throughout the process – from your initial consultation until the final settlement or judgment.

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The types of medical malpractice cases we take

Any time that you or your loved one suffers an injury from poor medical treatment, you might be a victim of medical malpractice. Usually, medical malpractice is not intentional but rather the result of neglect due to failing to adhere to standard medical practices, policies that limit the time that a provider can spend with their patient, hiring underqualified medical personnel, or simple forgetfulness. However, there are cases in which providers conduct unethical procedures, take shortcuts, or even intentionally neglect a patient’s care.

Whether your situation was intentional or not, you might have a case for medical malpractice. If your provider breached their duty of care, you need a personal injury attorney with a solid record of success in pursuing malpractice cases.

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