At the Stolarz Law Firm, we help employees who face challenging workplace issues to seek justice.

Our plaintiff representation attorneys will take up your case with all the expertise and passion that you deserve. With extensive research, we will uncover every detail that helps to prove your case.

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If you’ve experienced injustice in your workplace, you might feel alone, disempowered, and intimidated. But with one of our experienced employment lawyers by your side, you can seize back the power in whatever situation you find yourself in.

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Which situations might qualify me for a claim against my employer?

A broad range of issues can qualify you for a claim. Discrimination in hiring or in promotion, retaliation or retaliatory discharge, sexual harassment, lack of accommodations for your disability, or refusal to grant family or medical leave can all be cause for a claim.

We look closely at the facts that support your case, review your evidence, and determine if you have a case. If you do, our employment attorneys will go the extra mile to get you the justice you deserve. If you have a toxic workplace, sit down with one of our lawyers to see whether you might have a claim.

What kinds of support will you offer during the process?

Our expert employment lawyers know that supporting our clients during such a stressful situation is essential for a fruitful attorney-client relationship. To that end, we help you prepare for any meetings you might have, such as termination meetings or meetings with HR to report harassment or other obnoxious behavior.

We also represent you during negotiations to see if we can pursue a settlement outside the court system. However, if your employer refuses to settle, we will represent you aggressively in court.

Don’t hesitate to pursue a course of action that can end the stress. Contact one of our experienced employment attorneys today.