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Our office specializes in bringing employee claims against an employer for the failure to provide a reasonable accommodation for a disability, harassment or discrimination.

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In addition to the usual physical disabilities, the law recognizes diabetes, depression, and anxiety as other medical conditions which, when diagnosed by a physician, as disabilities which an employer is required to provide an accommodation.

If you require an accommodation from your employer for a disability, follow these instructions:

  • Read your employee manual, if there is one, to familiarize yourself with the employer’s procedural requirements in order to obtain an accommodation for your disability.
  • You must advise your employer that you require an accommodation for your disability in accordance with the procedural steps. You can also do this by advising your supervisor or the Human Resources Department that you need an accommodation for your disability.
  • Where required by your employer, fill out any employer forms to support your request for an accommodation.
  • Provide your employer with any medical notes from your physician which support your need for an accommodation.
  • Provide your employer with any other medical forms or records required by your employer.
  • Once you provide notice to your employer that you have a disability, and express a desire for a reasonable accommodation, the employer must speak with you about your request and try to work out an accommodation which will work for you. This is called the interactive process.