Understanding Animal Attack Laws

Animal attacks can be terrifying and often leave victims with physical, emotional, and financial burdens. In such cases, knowing your rights and understanding the legal aspects is crucial for seeking justice and compensation. At Stolarz Law Firm, we’re dedicated to helping victims navigate through the complexities of animal attack laws.

Types of Animal Attacks

Dog Bites: Dog bites are one of the most common types of animal attacks, causing puncture wounds, lacerations, and sometimes infections.

Attacks by Domesticated Animals: Incidents involving animals like horses or farm animals, which can cause serious injuries due to their size and strength.

Legal Liability

Owner Responsibility: Owners are typically held responsible for their pets’ behavior, whether the animal was on or off their property at the time of the attack.

Factors Affecting Liability: Liability can depend on factors such as whether the animal has a history of aggression, whether the owner violated leash laws, or if the victim was lawfully present on the property.

Seeking Compensation

Medical Expenses: Types of medical expenses victims may incur include emergency treatment, surgeries, rehabilitation, and ongoing therapy.

Lost Wages: Victims may be entitled to compensation for lost income due to missed work days or reduced earning capacity.

Pain and Suffering: Victims experience emotional and physical pain for months or even years, and compensation can help alleviate these burdens.

Emotional Trauma: The psychological impact of animal attacks, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, or depression underline the importance of seeking compensation for mental health treatment.

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