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Civil Rights &


Recovery of Unpaid Wages and Benefits



Automobile Accidents


If you have been involved in an automobile accident, there are some things you need to remember:

1. Get the following information from the other driver:

a. Driver's full name, address, and phone number

b. Driver's license number

c. Vehicle owner's name and address from the registration card

d. Insurance company, policy number, and contact phone from the insurance card (this is important if the insurance company is not one you are familiar with)

2. Do not admit that it is your fault. Just give the other person your information.

3. If you are injured, go to the emergency room or your personal doctor.

4. Call our office for assistance. Our office takes great pride in providing prompt, courteous service and aggressive representation at rates which, in some cases, are lower than those of other firms.

5. Our fee is 25% of gross recovery if the case is settled before a lawsuit is filed. Once all efforts to settle a claim are exhausted and a lawsuit is filed, our fee is 33 1/3% of recovery. The fee is also adjusted if there is an appeal.

6. When cases are accepted on a contingency basis, we do not charge you any expenses if there is no recovery.

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Medical Malpractice

Medical mistakes can occur without warning, and you may be entitled to compensation if the physician is the cause of the medical mistake.

We will investigate your claim, without any cost to you, to determine whether the conduct of the healthcare provider fell below the accepted standard of care. Our office represents clients who have been injured as a result of:

a medical mistake by a physician or other healthcare provider
a dental mistake by a physician
the misdiagnosis of a medical condition
the failure to diagnose cancer
the administration of incorrect medication
the administration of a dangerous medication
a birth injury
cerebral palsy

Our office also represents clients who have been injured by, or while at, a hospital, a nursing facility, or an assisted-living facility.

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Personal Injuries

Fall-down, sometimes referred to as "slip and fall," are not as simple as they may seem. The reason for this is that to establish fault, on the part of the owner or operator of the premises where the fall occured, it must be established that the owner or operator of the premises created the dangerous condition causing the fall, had notice of the condition and did nothing about it, or by the exercise of ordinary care should have discovered and fixed the dangerous condition.

In many cases, the owner of the premises refuses to accept responsibility for the injuries, requiring the injured person to file a lawsuit to have a court establish the owner's fault.

Many attorneys will not handle these types of cases. Our office, on the other hand, has, over the years, represented numerous clients in fall-down cases, with satisfactory results.

In a recent case, for example, the firm obtained a favorable verdict in the Baltimore County Circuit Court against the Marley Station Shopping Center where a customer tripped and fell over a recessed manhole cover in the parking lot after sundown, resulting in a fracture of the hand.

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Workers' Compensation

Our office provides aggressive representation in cases of workplace injury.

Maryland's Workers' Compensation Law provides certain benefits for workers injured on the job. In Maryland, in order for an injury to be covered, the harm suffered by the employee must have been caused by an "accidental personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment." Those words from the Maryland statute are VERY important. Just because a person is hurt "while working," "on the job," or "at work" doesn't necessarily mean that the insurance will apply. On the other hand, if you can prove that you have an occupational disease, you may be entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits.

The following are important points to remember.

AN OFFICIAL CLAIM FORM MUST BE FILED. Just because the insurance company is paying the medical bills and sending benefits to an injured worker after an injury does not mean the claim is officially filed. If the proper claim form is not filed within two years of the injury, the insurance company may refuse to pay any benefits at any time, and will not be required to do so after two years.

RIGHT TO MEDICAL CARE AND TREATMENT. The employer, either directly or through an insurance company, is required to provide medical care for the employee=s injury. Unless closed out by a settlement, the medical care for the injury is available for the rest of the employee's life.

RIGHT TO CHOOSE THE TREATING DOCTOR. The employee has the right to choose the physician to treat him for the work injury. Injured workers are not required to go for treatment to a doctor designated by the employer or the Workers' Compensation insurance company.

RIGHT TO TWO-THIRDS OF WEEKLY WAGES. Subject to some exceptions, the Workers Compensation insurance company or the employer must pay 2/3 of the employee's average weekly wage if the employee is unable to work after the injury. The employee may also recover mileage and other transportation costs of traveling to a physician for treatment.

RIGHT TO AN AWARD FOR PERMANENT INJURY. If the work injury results in total or partial permanent disability, the employee is entitled to an additional monetary award.

RIGHT TO RETRAINING AND JOB PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE. In certain cases where the injured employee is not totally disabled but is unable to do the work at his job, the injured employee may be entitled to assistance in finding a new position and job retraining.

YOU CANNOT BE TERMINATED FOR MAKING A CLAIM. It is against the law to terminate a worker solely for filing a Workers' Compensation claim.


The foregoing information is offered for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal advice, because the information provided above may not be applicable in every instance. Only an attorney will be able to advise on the applicability of the above information to a specific case.

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Employment Discrimination


Our office provides legal representation for discrimination which is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), or Maryland Law.


Discriminatory practices prohibited by these laws include the following:

1. Harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age

2. Retaliation against an individual for filing a charge of discrimination, participating in an investigation, or opposing discriminatory practices

3. Employment decisions based on stereotypes or assumptions about the abilities, traits, or performance of individuals of a certain sex, race, age, religion, or ethnic group, or individuals with disabilities

4. Denying employment opportunities to a person because of marriage to, or association with, an individual of a particular race, religion, or national origin, or an individual with a disability. Title VII also prohibits discrimination because of participation in schools or places of worship associated with a particular racial, ethnic, or religious group.

The prohibition against discrimination extends to all aspects of employment, including:

hiring and firing;

compensation, assignment, or classification of employees

transfer, promotion, layoff, or recall

job advertisements



use of company facilities

training and apprenticeship programs

fringe benefits

pay, retirement plans, and disability leave

other terms and conditions of employment


The foregoing information is offered for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal advice, because the information provided above may not be applicable in every instance. Only an attorney will be able to advise on the applicability of the above information to a specific case.

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Civil Rights & Discrimination


In addition to employment cases, we handle numerous cases involving citizen's civil rights. Many of the cases involve discriminatory treatment of African Americans by commercial establishments.

We have also handled cases involving violations of the First Amendment, the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the United States Constitution, and the Maryland Declaration of Rights.

Other cases handled by this office involve the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).


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Recovery of Unpaid Wages and Benefits

The firm provides representation in cases where the employer has failed to pay the employee all that is due for work done by the employee. This includes unpaid benefits.


In some cases, Maryland law permits an employee to recover up to three times the unpaid wages.


The law also allows the employee to recover attorney fees for the attorney who secures a judgment against the employer. The courts have interpreted Maryland law to provide for the payment of reasonable and adequate attorney fees even in cases where the unpaid wages are small.


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